The Proposal: Making the Memories 💍 💕

When it comes to showing a grand gesture, or a token of affection to your significant other, do you keep it simple, classy and real, or do you go all out, mushy love chick-flick style?

This story was submitted by one of our readers and it’s about how he proposed to his [now] wife. It’s a simple and beautiful story tbh, and so worth telling. His name is John and her name is Cindy, they have been together for five years now, and are in their late twenties.

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To begin our story, let me just get this out there, society always puts this intense pressure on men about the way they need to propose. One would say, it’s almost like a competition between one another, like a “my horse is bigger than yours” kinda deal. Lol, for real. Nowadays, especially since social media took over, it literally is a competition, nay, a way to  show people how “perfect” your life is. Always with the huge bouquets of flowers, champagne, the girl always so vulnerable and clueless, the huge diamond ring, almost movie-like, right? Well, when John went to propose to Cindy, he wanted to do it in a simple yet lovely way, she would always remember.

One very normal day, Cindy got out of work, she had a very long and bad day at work, so she decided to order take-out.You see, she worked as a Supervisor for a company that specialized in unisex accessories.  She dealt with the usual lazy employee and horribly stuck up customer who was always demanding expired discounts and a manager to talk to. So, anyway… she got home and there was her lovely John waiting for her, he had cooked, had wine served and was just getting ready to light a candle for her. She always loved scented candles, so she immediately relaxed and gave him a kiss. John told his beloved to go relax and take a shower while he finished prepping everything for dinner. So, normally she did, and she took her sweet time too.

When she came out, she got dressed and went to greet her sweet bf once more. There was a little island bar thing in the kitchen, and placed in the center was her favorite pumpkin spice candle, the wine glasses and the bottle of wine. He told Cindy he was going to take a shower now, so they could enjoy their meal and maybe watch a movie or something. He instructed her to light up the candle and he would go take a quick shower. He started walking away as Cindy reached for the little tiny box of matches. She walked over to the candle and… omg! What was happening? There was a tiny gold ring, stuck in the middle of the candle. She was confused, she was speechless, she looked around and saw John peeking out of the bathroom door. He walked over to her, grabbed the ring, looked at her and… GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE! He started talking, telling her what their time together meant to him, all he felt for her, his love, his dreams, everything he wanted to share with her. He was pretty sure she stopped breathing for a few seconds, lol. She looked at him, grabbed him off of the floor, and just hugged him, kissed him and gave him her hand so he could put the ring on her. The first words spoken after this event were “Wait, is that a yes?” And they just laughed and laughed.

To this very day, they still joke about how she never really did say “yes”, so… questionable marriage foundation? Haha. Trust me on this, when I say they will always remember this experience. They’ve been married for five years now, and even thought things haven’t always been peachy, they’ve worked things out and have a very strong relationship.

Finally, what have we learned today, guys? That no matter, how grand, simple, big, small, planned, spontaneous your gesture is, what matters most is the feeling and thought that inspired it. Love is love, and it takes time and a lot of effort to nurture it into a healthy and strong relationship.

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Breaking free of a Caffeine Addiction 💀

Hello world! Today my post will be hitting close to home, in all seriousness it’s all legit. It’s about my husband’s caffeine addiction and how it threatened his life and affected our life as a couple. How we found out, got help and worked on setting the record straight. It wasn’t easy, it was very consuming, but with patience and perseverance it was possible.

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Firstly, how do you identify a caffeine addiction?? Coffee is SO good, I personally can drink it in the morning, at 3 o’ clock, at night, anytime is good for coffee ☕️. But when does it become an addiction?

Basically, for my husband, he started drinking coffee at home in the mornings, then an energy drink when he got to work, then more coffee in the afternoon. Why? Because he said it was the only way to stay awake and function. The thing is, he was only ok while there was caffeine in his system, when the “energy” wore off, he was sleepy, tired and grumpy. The tiredness then morphed into anxiety and depression.

It got so bad that if he went one day without an energy drink, or without coffee, he would get migraines, heart palpitations, sweats, tiredness, nausea and other symptoms. He started acting different, saying things he wouldn’t normally say, he was not being himself. Things got bad. And, mind you, he’d been drinking energy drinks for years. He knew those weren’t healthy, but he said he liked them (one, specifically) because of the taste.

One specific day, I got home from work and he was sleeping, we weren’t talking earlier because we got into a mild disagreement, (lol), so I felt like my world was crashing down. We had all these changes in our lives, living in a new place, on our own, no family even remotely close by, miscarriage, hospital bills, and now, my dear husband was suffering a horrible situation. I felt so powerless, so nauseous, and horrible. Any little word I would say would make things worse, so… I just stopped talking to him for little spaces of time. I grew a huge fear of making it worse and something horrible happening because of me. And I have enough blame on me for the moment. 🙂 So…

Finally, things got so horrible , (not even going to get into too many details), that on his own, he decided to get professional help. And he did. For it to get to this point… it is just very hard seeing your S.O. killing himself slowly with an energy drink. It got scary and very frustrating. It started touching our relationship as a couple. It took all I had to be strong for him, because, in the end, I knew, I too was broken. Nevertheless, I found him a really good doctor in the area and she told him of all the dangers and death related things that could happen if he didn’t try and do something about it. He could have had a heart attack, and died at his young, young age. He could have, but he didn’t. She was very  abrupt, but still supportive and sweet, very understanding. I am forever grateful to the universe, to give us this chance for rehab and life. ❤

And… WAKE UP CALL!! He got help and, with a plan, time, and compromise, he did good. I am so proud of him. I know it’s hard to admit a fault, admit you need help, yet he confided in me, he opened himself up to me. And now, he is on his path to recovery and I am so proud of him. These things usually take time and moral support, and I am here to provide that for him. It is something we’re still working on and will continue to do so, together. Through good and bad, ’till the end.

Addictions are very hard and delicate to deal with, so if you feel that it’s out of your hands, please seek professional help!

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Self Expression: A Pawn’s Price

Hello, dear reader! I would like to dedicate this post to all of us, who battle with anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression, and all other mental health issues. It’s a very meaningful piece, written with emotion and honesty, and submitted by one of our readers. Please, know that you are NOT alone, there’s always someone who cares. Don’t hesitate to reach out! Life is beautiful and there’s always a reason to keep pushing on. I would also like to express my gratitude towards all of you, who have been very supportive of this blog. We keep growing and growing! Lots of love for you guys! ❤️

Ever since the beginning of time, writing has always been one of the best forms of expression. Our early ancestors did it in many ways and places; hieroglyphics, drawings, and markings all over the world are the perfect example of that. But, why is it that we express ourselves this way? Who do we write for?

To be honest, I don’t have the specific answers to that, as they vary from person to person and time to time. I do, however, know that a majority of people, write to express themselves in diaries, blogs and other places such as social media. But why? From personal experience, I write because it helps me see things from other perspectives. It lets me vent out, and not feel like a balloon, filling up with “air” until it explodes. Many people do it, even if no one ever reads it. It just has a way of making you feel calm. You got it out of your system, you can maybe find solutions that you didn’t see before, etc. It is highly recommended that we all have some form of self expression, a hobby, art, writing, dying your hair, tattooing yourself, whatever it is that makes you feel that you are ok, that’s what makes you YOU. 💁🏻‍♀️

So, without further ado, I present to you the main piece of this post, “A Pawn’s Price”. Written by an anonymous reader, who we’ll name Josh, out of respect for their privacy.

A pawn’s price

battle black blur board game
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    I’m maybe a pawn in this chess game we call life; my duty is to help others. Even if I’m the greatest at my job, I don’t taste the victory. But then again, my queen, if I can survive the struggle of this battle I can become whatever I want.  A Shining knight, a hard rook, a wise bishop! I can even become royalty, if I want. Because I’ve been in battle and found a way to die as a pawn and be re-born as a new piece that has learned what the price of hard work is, risks and luck. My price may seem worthless now, but my hard work will pay off, and I’m going to be the key to victory. Don’t underestimate me. My price and my abilities are not what you think. I will find a way… for you darling, I’ll be, the best I can.


We can all relate to the writer and his feelings. It is a very powerful piece, spoken like a true champion at life! Thank you, Josh, for your submission and we hope it will not be your last one here on our blog.

Remember, if you ever feel like you’ve reached rock bottom, and can’t seem to find a way out, there’s always someone out there willing to listen. And if you don’t feel like talking to anyone, write your feelings away! Write until the tears go away, until you feel you can breathe again. Crying is not weakness, it simply means you are human and need to vent.

That’s it for today’s post, I really do hope you enjoyed it. Please share and subscribe so we can keep growing and sharing ours and your stories too!

👇🏼 In case someone feels they need professional help.

Friends with Benefits?

Ok, this story is 100% real, though the names have been changed for privacy reasons. Let’s call our guy David, and our girl Sofia. Nothing personal with all the Davids and Sofias out there, I just really like the names. (Lol).

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~Have you ever tried to take control of a really awkward situation that you put yourself into? If you have, you know the feeling I’m talking about. For example, David and Sofia were both getting out of bad relationships. They liked each other but didn’t want anything serious at the moment. You see, they were both part of abusive relationships, where the partners were possessive and jealous people. They finally got the strength to end it before it grew worse. But let’s start at the beginning.

David worked in a little bar close to Sofia’s house. They went to the same high school and knew each other from afar. They added one another on facebook but never talked a lot. Sofia always had a thing for David, she always stalked his Facebook profile to see what he was up to (don’t act like you haven’t done that, 😂). Finally, she grew “balls” and said hi to him via messenger. He replied, and thus a friendship was born.

One day, David invited Sofia to the little bar he tended. And he knew exactly her favorite kind of beer, so he put a couple of extra ones in the coldest part of the freezer for her. Sofia walked in and that was their first physical “meet and greet”. Much to their surprise, they hit it off. He liked the way she moved her hips when she walked. She was petite, wide hips, big booty, dark haired, brown eyed, and a native kind of goddess.

She liked his voice and, being totally honest, she loved his butt. He was an athletic type, which was really hot. He was taller than her, and he had a beautiful bold smile. He served her a couple of beers and they just talked and talked till the end of his shift. When they finally said goodbye, they both left thinking about the same thing.

The thing is, they lusted each other so bad, they wanted to be close but not close enough for a serious thing. They reached an agreement. Sex, no strings attached. Strictly physical, no jealousy, no compromise, no feelings, (we all know that always works out great— not!)

The first time they ever did it was in a car. It was hilarious, awkward, sweaty and messy. It was cringeworthy afterwards, the silence, the awkward tension inside the car, as he drove back to her house to drop her off. A couple of months went by and they grew fonder and fonder of each other. Sofia loved the way his hands would run around her back, and David loved the way she played with her hands in certain parts of his body. Their sex was great, the lusty kissed, hungry for passion, hungry for one another.

Then one random day, David friend-zoned Sofia. She was so mad at herself, she had grown feelings for him and she knew that wasn’t part of the deal. So she kept it to herself. He cared for her, which is why he tried to end it before anyone could get hurt. Eventually, Sofia told Dave she had feelings for him and he told her he felt the same way. They tried to keep themselves in order. They stopped seeing each other for a while. But nope, didn’t work out.

David called Sofia one day to go for a drive and talk. They went out for a bite and he handed her a little note. She started reading it and squealed, as the note said he loved her and wanted her to be his girlfriend. She immediately said yes. They finally accepted that there are things we can’t really take control of. There’s things that we put ourselves into and we try to lie to ourselves, but in the end LIFE IS SHORT. #YOLO (lol).

Fast forward to a couple of years later, David and Sofia broke up and everything went wrong. Just kidding! They actually got married, (shocker!). At the present time (July 2018) they’ve been married three years and together in general 5 years. Many adventures, no kids, two cats.

So… bottom line, just because you don’t want something to happen, doesn’t mean it’s not gonna turn out the way you expect it to! ‘Friends with benefit’ relationships are not for everyone. 😂

Hope you enjoyed reading this and feel free to send me your stories!

Till next time!

Dealing with changes

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~Disclaimer: This is not the second part of my “Surviving Hurricane María” post. That one will come in due time.~

On to my rant about changes I made to my life. Decisions that affected my partner, our families and our whole lives.

Have you ever gone through something major in your life and wondered, “what is the right thing to do?” Whether it’s a personal issue, a financial problem, a relationship thing, or just anything for that matter. You just have that thing, stuck in the back of your mind, that you have to do something to contribute to that goal. Maybe you thought you had the right answer. People always did tell you to look for solutions and think for yourself. Well, finally you made a decision “for the greater good”, you thought. But in the end it turned out horrible, it turned out to be something you were going to regret for the rest of your life.

Truth be told, no one is ever going to understand because, no one is a mind reader. Only you (or, in this case, I… ) can somewhat understand why in the world I did what I did. Left everything behind, started from scratch, because I was looking for something I thought was better… but guess what? It was just conventional. I didn’t think outside the box, I just went with the “safe” option. And to be honest, goals and dreams need so much more than that. Dreams are not conventional, they almost seem impossible, because they’re the reflection of your soul, of your most precious desire. In a dream/goal you get to set standards, you get to design how, what and when. I would blame society for shamelessly brainwashing us into having conventional thoughts, BUT, I have no one to blame but myself.

It’s not the end of the world, I’m aware. It only feels like it at times, because I look back, and I see the answer. It was in my face the whole damn time. Now to try and make peace with the outcome, the “waiting just a bit more” to reach that goal. That is the most horrible situation ever. Seeing your S.O. suffering your consequences, because you thought you were doing the right thing. Trying to maintain the façade, that everything’s okay, that you’re “peachy” and NOT broken, because you always have to be strong.

But, enough with the negative, let’s try to look at it another way. You live and you learn, right? Just because we have to wait a lil doesn’t mean we won’t make it. Tbh, I sometimes get horrible nausea (rn) just thinking about the hate, the remorse and all that crap. Because it is crap, we just try and tell ourselves it’s important because that’s how the world sees it.

In the end, money means nothing just like everything else. It’s all crap. When you’re 80 years old, and trying to remember how happy you were, do you have anything to remember at all? Will you remember all that time you wasted being sad because of a bad decision?? Or will you remember how YOU turned your consequences into new paths? Will you remember, taking a breather, enjoying the little things? It really is a matter of how you look at it. It pains me, that I can’t really open up my thoughts without having to explain something to try to be accepted. People who really love you don’t throw your bad decisions around in your face. They stick around to see you make your come back, they stick around because it’s worth it. They don’t make you feel guilty because they know you already feel like shit.

I’m going to try and end this post with a few “motivating” words. Now, forgive me, I’m no professional counselor, I’m just a normal human, girl/woman, whatever, trying to survive life and who’s just now starting to embark on a spiritual freedom path/idk. No situation is forever. EVERYTHING is temporary. So even if you do feel crappy now, you’re making your way through, you’re trying to make it better and you will. Don’t take it so hard. We do have to vent (and that’s totally normal and healthy). Don’t take it personal. You’re NOT gonna die because someone doesn’t like you, or because they’re putting all the blame on you. Words hurt, actions burn, feelings get shattered, and people fall apart, but only you have the power to put yourself back together. Only you, darling reader. More importantly, never forget about the ones who care about you.


Feel free to send me an email with your story so we can share it with others. We are not alone. You are not alone, friend.

Until next time.

Stay strong! Xx

Surviving Hurricane María


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By now, we all know that Hurricane María affected not only Puerto Rico, but other adjacent little islands. The majority of its wrath was set upon Puerto Rico, yes. Most people are probably tired of all the María/PuertoRico thing, but for those of us who actually lived this horrifying event, it’s a whole different story. It started out as a “normal” hurricane watch, people were expecting it to be horrible, but what we got instead was not at all what we prepared ourselves for.

My husband and I were recently unemployed, so we decided to go back to school and started doing/learning something we both really loved. We had just moved back to our [small] hometown and things were starting to look up. He found a part time job that he really loved, and was at the same time going to school. He felt content. I was commuting to my school which was about an hour away, but I loved it. I loved the feeling of doing something for me, something I decided to do because life’s too short to do things that don’t bring you joy. So it took us by surprise, the whole hurricane issue. It had been about 20 years since Puerto Rico went through a natural disaster of this kind, so everyone kind of lowered their guard. Everyone thought this thing was just going to pass over us, like all the other hurricanes that thankfully did not hit us directly.

Man, were we wrong! Something started changing, the media started acting all weird and were getting everyone in a panic state. Which, really, did work, to be honest. In a matter of hours, grocery stores were out of water, canned foods, and other basic necessities like candles, and little cookers, gas for the tiny stoves, etc . Gas stations were out of gas, and hardware stores were almost out of stock. I specifically remember telling my husband I was going to make a really good meal because I didn’t know when I was going to be able to cook like that again. So I did, I made mofongo with caldo, which was really good. We ate, we cleaned, we gave our cat a lil catnip for the nerves, we closed the door, and at about 9:00 pm we started getting rain and the power went out. At 8:00 am was when the real deal started hitting pretty bad, winds roaring, heavy rain showers, and other sounds you didn’t think houses and mountains made. Roofs flying everywhere, leaves, trees, logs, the street disappeared and turned into a dangerous river of water, dirt and rocks; it was just a mix of roars and nightmares. I heard a scream, a man, of course immediately, I told my husband there was someone screaming for help, I started having a panic attack, and I remember how calm he was when he told me that was no man screaming, that was the wind.

I still remember that first sight of everything after it was over. The sound of a fallen land. Everyone started walking, trying to open up roads because streets disappeared, there was water, mud, and debris everywhere. We had no power, no cellphone reception, no internet connections, no cleared streets for cars, not a single way of communicating with our loved ones. Our lives had just changed forever and we were just starting to realize that.

To be continued.

Quiénes somos y por qué comenzamos este blog?

Hola y bienvenidos!


Photo by from Pexels

Comenzamos primeramente, presentándonos. Mi nombre es Gabriela, pero todos me llaman Gaby. Estoy casada con mi mejor amigo, quien se llama Josue. Juntos tenemos una gata llamada Kirah, (síguela en Instagram @kirahcat00, lol). La idea de este blog surgió de la necesidad de contar nuestras historias. Son experiencias que no necesariamente tienen un final feliz, y son cosas que pueden o no ser inspiradoras. Llevamos 3 años de casados y hemos vivido un sin número de cosas que han marcado nuestros caminos.

Toda historia merece ser contada, merece ser escuchada y apreciada. Es por eso que comenzamos esta aventura, la cual esperamos que sigas con nosotros y hasta nos envíes tus propias experiencias!