Breaking free of a Caffeine Addiction πŸ’€

Hello world! Today my post will be hitting close to home, in all seriousness it’s all legit. It’s about my husband’s caffeine addiction and how it threatened his life and affected our life as a couple. How we found out, got help and worked on setting the record straight. It wasn’t easy, it was very consuming, but with patience and perseverance it was possible.

Foto credit: Pexels

Firstly, how do you identify a caffeine addiction?? Coffee is SO good, I personally can drink it in the morning, at 3 o’ clock, at night, anytime is good for coffee β˜•οΈ. But when does it become an addiction?

Basically, for my husband, he started drinking coffee at home in the mornings, then an energy drink when he got to work, then more coffee in the afternoon. Why? Because he said it was the only way to stay awake and function. The thing is, he was only ok while there was caffeine in his system, when the “energy” wore off, he was sleepy, tired and grumpy. The tiredness then morphed into anxiety and depression.

It got so bad that if he went one day without an energy drink, or without coffee, he would get migraines, heart palpitations, sweats, tiredness, nausea and other symptoms. He started acting different, saying things he wouldn’t normally say, he was not being himself. Things got bad. And, mind you, he’d been drinking energy drinks for years. He knew those weren’t healthy, but he said he liked them (one, specifically) because of the taste.

One specific day, I got home from work and he was sleeping, we weren’t talking earlier because we got into a mild disagreement, (lol), so I felt like my world was crashing down. We had all these changes in our lives, living in a new place, on our own, no family even remotely close by, miscarriage, hospital bills, and now, my dear husband was suffering a horrible situation. I felt so powerless, so nauseous, and horrible. Any little word I would say would make things worse, so… I just stopped talking to him for little spaces of time. I grew a huge fear of making it worse and something horrible happening because of me. And I have enough blame on me for the moment. πŸ™‚ So…

Finally, things got so horrible , (not even going to get into too many details), that on his own, he decided to get professional help. And he did. For it to get to this point… it is just very hard seeing your S.O. killing himself slowly with an energy drink. It got scary and very frustrating. It started touching our relationship as a couple. It took all I had to be strong for him, because, in the end, I knew, I too was broken. Nevertheless, I found him a really good doctor in the area and she told him of all the dangers and death related things that could happen if he didn’t try and do something about it. He could have had a heart attack, and died at his young, young age. He could have, but he didn’t. She was veryΒ  abrupt, but still supportive and sweet, very understanding. I am forever grateful to the universe, to give us this chance for rehab and life. ❀

And… WAKE UP CALL!! He got help and, with a plan, time, and compromise, he did good. I am so proud of him. I know it’s hard to admit a fault, admit you need help, yet he confided in me, he opened himself up to me. And now, he is on his path to recovery and I am so proud of him. These things usually take time and moral support, and I am here to provide that for him. It is something we’re still working on and will continue to do so, together. Through good and bad, ’till the end.

Addictions are very hard and delicate to deal with, so if you feel that it’s out of your hands, please seek professional help!

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