The Journey Begins


Photo by from Pexels

Who are we and why are we here?

Firstly, thank you for joining us today!

The main purpose of this blog is to let our experiences and personal stories be known. You know, things we never tell because we’re not comfortable telling people that are close to us, because we prefer to vent out to the internet than our close ones. Stories that make us, break us and mark us. So again, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Gabriela, but everyone calls me Gaby. I’m married to my best friend, Josue, and together we have a cat, whose name is Kirah, (check out her Instagram page @kirahcat00, lol). We started this blog to tell our own personal experiences, which we sometimes think are not inspirational, or whatever, but they deserve to be heard. We also accept submissions, and they will be posted to our blog anonymously to maintain your privacy.

Why do we post about our lives? Because everyone’s stories deserve to be told and heard, deserve to be appreciated, and who knows? We may even find people that have been through the same situations.

We are from Puerto Rico, and just recently moved to Texas. We’ve been married three years, but we’ve been together a few more. So, this is just a way of letting you know, that whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. There’s people like you, like me who understand. So together we embark on this new adventure, and we hope you enjoy!

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